Smart Gladiator Signs Kenco As A Customer


ATLANTA – Nov. 10, 2016 — Smart Gladiator, an innovative mobile-enabling supply chain solution provider and developer of the next generation Wearable, Tablet and Mobile app technologies for supply chain execution is proud to announce it is partnering with Kenco.

“We are pleased to partner with Smart Gladiator to tackle our logistics challenges,” said Kristi Montgomery, Vice President of Innovation, Research and Development at Kenco. “Mobile-enabled supply chain solutions are essential in today’s competitive environment, and Smart Gladiator is leading the way in this field. We look forward to working with them to integrate legacy systems and rapidly deploy solutions.”

With Smart Gladiator, operations managers can bring in the mobility revolution that has evolved in our personal lives into supply chain & operations processes, and by doing so companies can not only realize tremendous cost savings, but also provide a much more user friendly toolset for everybody that is engaged in planning and executing Supply Chain processes.

Kenco and Smart Gladiator are partnering on several mobility solutions that will enable automation of tasks that are challenging in today’s supply chain.  Some of those challenges are due to legacy software that needs today’s mobile platforms to improve productivity and efficiency.  More information about these applications will become available soon.

“We have deployed our solutions at multiple manufacturing and retail distribution centers and the feedback has been fantastic; not only have our clients significantly improved their productivity, but the users are also much happier with light-weight tools that are easier on their arms and reduce the incidence of issues like tendonitis, wrist pain, arm pain etc. Users also love the user-friendly tools that are so easy to learn and get the tasks done much faster,” says Puga Sankara, Principal with Smart Gladiator.


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